Partner with us for compost collection for your organization and never waste your waste again! Here's how simple it is:


We'll tailor a collection program specifically to your organization's needs to ensure correct bin quantity and collection frequency.



Keep a dedicated indoor waste bin to collect your organization's food waste. Use compostable or traditional trash bags and place bagged waste into provided bins.


We'll come by weekly to collect your bagged waste. It's taken to our local farm for sorting and converted to compost by our experienced compostiers.


...or other earth-conscious goodies. We offer a credit system based on total weight of food scraps collected, which may be redeemed at our Farm Store. 

Don't under-value your food waste!

Recycling food waste has benefits for your organization and for Mother Earth:

  • Keep your dumpsters free of food waste, which is typically costlier to collect

  • Minimize your contribution to the local landfill, reducing harmful methane gas

  • Give your food waste a purpose: it’s vermicomposted into a microbe-rich fertilizer

  • Partner with an RVA-local company to “close the loop” in food waste solutions

  • Rest easy knowing your organic waste is contributing to a better, healthier earth!

Why Terra Firma Compost?

We make it easy, fun and rewarding.

  • We are 100% RVA local. Your food scraps are collected and brought to our local farm for processing.

  • Food waste is turned into vermicompost by local worms, born and nurtured right here in RVA.

  • We are a small company that responds to the special needs of each client.

  • No pushy sales people. We're cool.

  • No contract needed - give us a try, then proceed month-to-month.

What do you get in return?

Besides good vibes, here is what you can expect to receive in return for your food waste:

  • A window decal for display at your establishment

  • Monthly reports to easily monitor how much food you've diverted from the landfill

  • Compost credits for every ton of food waste collected and converted - use them or donate them. Compost credits can be used for regular compost or vermicompost, bagged or bulk, all produced with care at our farm.

  • Access to our farm portfolio - buy fresh pasture & woodland foraged eggs, fresh or dried herbs, and seasonal produce - all delivered directly to your door!

  • Shout-outs on our social media pages.

Let's get started.

Contact us for a personal, phone or email consultation. We'll provide:

  • One or more wheeled carts or bins

  • Reliable, scheduled pick-up

  • A custom program to suit your organization's needs