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Credits Vary

Donate your credits to a good cause - a local school or community garden program will receive free compost, delivered.


10 Credits

One dozen eggs from our free roaming flock. Colors typically assorted.


10 Credits

(Currently sold out) Organically grown in our house-made potting mix, choose from oregano, sage, or mint.


20 Credits

Our Olde Fashioned Compost is created locally and aged a minimum of six to twelve months.


20 Credits

Triple screened worm poop blended with nutrient-dense organic matter. It’s primo.


20 Credits

Certified organic cotton market bags feature an array of original printed designs.


20 Credits

Multi occasion notecards feature original artwork by local RVA artist.


20 Credits

50 sheet notepad featuring original artwork - multiple styles available.


25 Credits

The only thing better than food waste collection is free food waste collection.


35 Credits

***CURRENTLY SOLD OUT*** Keep the day's scraps in this under-counter or countertop daily pail with charcoal filter.


40 Credits

Give the gift of food waste collection. Subject to availability!


50 Credits

Triple screened worm poop blended with nutrient-dense organic matter. It’s primo.


5 Credits

Permanent outdoor UV-safe sticker will provide years of enjoyment.

- Items are subject to availability and may be periodically updated.

- Credits are tabulated and included on your yearly waste report. 

- Many items are produced to order. Please allow at least one week for delivery.