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Worm Castings

Worm castings, vermicast, vermicompost, worm poop, worm compost

By any name, our organic hand-crafted soil amendment is produced to the highest standards for notable results in the garden.  


it's poop

Our plant-based, sustainable worm castings are a living soil amendment. Worm castings contain microbes, nutrients and minerals that feed the soil. Direct application or a worm tea spray improves overall plant health by improving soil structure and water retention, encouraging vigorous root growth, and adding beneficial microorganisms to the soil.


how it's made

- Worms are housed in an indoor, climate-controlled building.

- Their sustainable diet includes local plant-based food waste, farm crop waste, and local yard debris.

- All material is pre-composted until it meets rigorous PFRP standards (Process to Further Reduce Pathogens), ensuring weed seeds and pathogens are inactivated.


local delivery

Vermicast is bagged to order to ensure best quality and moisture/microbial content (so it's chock full o' bugs - the good kind!). Available in 3 qt or 10 qt compostable bags (resealable).

Richmond local delivery: Delivery Area.


how to use

Direct Application: Mix 1 part worm castings into 4 parts soil. Apply every two to three months during growing season.

Worm Tea Application: Mix 2 cups worm castings per 5 gallons of non-chlorinated water. Aerate continuously for 12 - 48 hours. Strain through a stocking or cheesecloth before using in sprayer. Apply every two weeks during growing season.​

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