Plant-based Premium Compost

Our plant-based compost consists of carbon and nitrogen-rich debris from our sustainable farm and landscape company in Richmond Virginia. Debris is sourced from our own operations to ensure it's free from pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals. 

Ingredients are mixed, maintained and monitored on our local farm by experienced compostiers. We use a rigorous PFRP method (Process to Further Reduce Pathogens) to ensure multiple  thermophilic phases kill weed seeds and pathogens. From start to cure, compost requires approximately 9-12 months to finish.

Available in one cubic foot sacks. See our Delivery Area.

Our compost is a living soil amendment. Mix into soil to add microbes, improve soil structure and encourage root growth. Also works well as a top dressing for moisture retention in new or existing gardens. Its neutral pH and low nitrogen content ensures it will never burn. 

Leaf Mold Compost

Our leaf mold is comprised only of leaves collected from local residential properties.

Leaves are left to break down naturally using fungal decomposers, oxygen, water, and time. Leaf mold requires approximately 24 months to finish. 

Available by the cubic foot or cubic yard. Due to its relatively long finishing time, availability is typically limited. Please contact us for availability or to pre-order. See our Delivery Area.

Leaf mold is pH neutral and low in N-P-K. Its primary benefit is adding fungal microbes to soil while helping to improve soil structure & water retention in garden beds.


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