Residential Compost Collection

Choose a subscription that suits you!

Residential collection is bi-weekly (every two weeks)

One Year

$12 per month

Includes delivery of your first bucket and 12 months of exchanges, prepaid for one year.


Six Months

$13 per month

Includes delivery of your first bucket and 6 months of exchanges, prepaid for six months.


Monthly Autopay

$12.50 per month

Includes delivery of your first bucket and biweekly exchanges, debited monthly until you cancel.

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One Month


Try us out to see if it's a fit!


Includes delivery of your first bucket and one month of exchanges. We'll check in after a month to see if you wish to renew.


Notice: Our compostables collection service is currently operating at FULL CAPACITY. Sign up to be added to our wait list.

"Fine Print"

A one-time refundable bucket deposit of $18 is additional and due with your initial subscription. Deposit is returned upon cancellation of service and return of bucket.


Cancel at any time during your subscription term; unused pick-up fees are promptly refunded without penalty or delay.

At the end of your subscription term, you'll have the option of renewing at the same term or for the term of your choice (1, 6 or 12 months). We'll contact you when it's time to renew.

We recommend one bucket per household to start. Contact us if more than one bucket is required. A quantity discount is available for multiple buckets collected from the same residence.

Commercial compost collection is also available at a low cost. Contact us to discuss bin quantity and frequency of pick-up. We'll tailor a collection program to your company's needs.

Additional Useful Information

Scheduled Skips

There may be times when a vacation or other circumstances prevent you from leaving your bucket out for collection. No problem! Just let us know in advance so we can remove you from the schedule. Your account will be credited ten compost credits. You may apply your credits to future pick-ups: redeem 20 credits for 1 month of collection. We ask that you limit scheduled skips to two per calendar year, if possible.

Forgotten Bucket

If you forget to put out your bucket on collection day, no problem! We'll leave an empty bucket if you are an autopay subscriber, a prepaid subscriber, or if you've purchased Bucket Insurance. Just remember to leave out two buckets on your next collection day.


Pausing Service

Need to pause service for an extended period (2 pick-ups or more)? No problem! Contact us to make arrangements. We'll pick up your full bucket and will drop off your next bucket when you're ready to resume.

Moving Service

Moving? No problem - take us with you! Let us know your new address so we can confirm it's within our service area. We can switch exchange to your new address at any time during the month.

Canceling Service

Curbside composting isn't a fit for everyone. As always, your prepaid or autopay subscription may be canceled any time and for any reason without penalty. Unused collection fees and deposit(s) are refunded within 3 business days of your bucket's return. We'll remind you to redeem your accrued compost credits (we round up!) for delivery with your final bucket pick-up.


We offer quarterly reports to let you know how much compostable waste you've diverted from the landfill and how many compost credits you've accrued! You may contact us any time during the year for a current tally of your compost credits and may redeem them at any time.