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Bucket exchanges and deliveries are continuing on schedule. 

Terra Firma companies are actively practicing 'social distancing' in all of our activities. Collecting food waste buckets is typically a solitary activity but we are taking the following additional precautions.

What we are doing:

  • All buckets we collect are emptied and cleaned with soap and water. After standard cleaning, we spray all buckets and lids with a disinfectant/sanitizer (ODOBAN).

  • Collectors do not enter public places (restaurants, public restrooms etc.) at any time during their route.

  • Collectors carry a mask with them at all times and wear it if they need to speak with anyone at close range.

What you should do:

  • Do not directly interact with our collectors

  • Wipe down your bucket with a soapy rag or disinfectant wipe before you handle it

  • Contact us if you wish to pause or cancel service

Updated 10/28/2020

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